Daphne Groeneveld in “Manga Mirror” by David Dunan for Vogue Japan Beauty, 03/16

Daphne Groeneveld plays the part in “Manga Mirror” by David Dunan for Vogue Japan Beauty, 03/16. Break through the walls of ordinary makeup and ride this creative wave to the top of Manga Mountain. Like a piece of poetry waiting to be made Daphne’s features speak to those who dare listen. Works of modern art implore as words drip from my pen aching to explore. Each vision wakes our senses with an overload of visual prose. This collection represents the power of purpose by projecting a sense of enlightenment. Bewitching beauty becomes as (Makeup Artist) Marla Belt brings this Magical Girl to life. Influenced by the Art of Anime, this celebrates the story of Pretty Soldier Sailor Moon. The art of exotica comes to be as long lashes turn into ecstasy. The eyes are the thing, as aqua races over the lids leaving faux lashes to sit just below the natural line. A trail of dark charcoal blasts above & below, as long white brow-lashes stick up in angelic mastery. Feathers fly as three silver stars sit emblazoned across the forehead. Colors scream to be seen, as neon purple, green & blue pop off the page. Like a masquerade for the eyes, the theater of cosmetics commences as technicolored shadows spread over evenly. Hyper blonde brows give the illusion of nude, with a sheen of sparkle that slaps the skin with a gorgeous glow. Hairstylist, Kayla MiChele, brings Ganguro fashion to life with silver/grey hair known as “high bleached”. Childish pigtails are worn in honor of the cartoon anime, as creativity is seen in the coating of color. Manga plays as we expand the imagination and dream our way into another realm.

Daphne-Groeneweld-by-David-Dunan-for-Vogue-Japan-March-2016-795x1024 (3)daphne-groeneveld-by-david-dunan-for-vogue-japan-march-2016-5 (1) daphne-groeneveld-by-david-dunan-for-vogue-japan-march-2016-1daphne-groeneveld-by-david-dunan-for-vogue-japan-march-2016 (1)daphne-groeneveld-by-david-dunan-for-vogue-japan-march-2016-2 daphne-groeneveld-by-david-dunan-for-vogue-japan-march-2016-3 (1)daphne-groeneveld-by-david-dunan-for-vogue-japan-march-2016-4daphne-groeneveld-by-david-dunan-for-vogue-japan-march-2016-6 Daphne-Groeneweld-by-David-Dunan-for-Vogue-Japan-March-2016-beauty-manga-796x1024