Fernanda Ly & Greta Varlese are “Trashed” by Roe Ethridge for AnOther Magazine, S/S 2016

Fernanda Ly & Greta Varlese are livin’ in the limelight of life in “Trashed” by Roe Ethridge for AnOther Magazine, S/S 2016. Through the muted air of winter I found my velvet muse, a vibrant light where all was right inside the neon fuse, the aire is filled with a gasp of glow… burning like we’ve never known, riding high unto the sun is where my mind will come undone. Vintage inspired fashions erupt as finery of frockery is displayed. A parade of panoramic pageantry explodes, as the girls sit in the center of a silent room. Black stockings are crisscrossed in yellow, as an overlay of magenta fishnets are topped with electric-blue duct tape. Camille Bidault-Waddington fuses fire and ice giving garments an eclectic appeal, as consciousness is cast aside allowing us to enter the realm of sense-intuition. Styles blend together asking garbed accouterments to take on the spirit of change. As emotions are caste over the body, letting sentient rhythms ride the curves right. Colors erupt as Sil Bruinsma brings the beauty of brightness to the face. Greta gives a new take to the concept of wings, with one of the most exciting eyes-scapes we’ve seen this season. Pink shadow rides between the lines, making a bold statement along the upper lid and sweeping just below. Fernanda follows suit with liner that jets out in a fury of flight. The lips inject a sense of wonder as ice blue mouths make the future feel like now. Rudi Lewis gives the girls authentic hair statements, topping one look with long, pink locks a’ la Ly. Art explodes in a panoply of ecstasy, as neon rushes in a parade of pomp and circumstance.
fernanda-ly-greta-varlese-by-roe-ethridge-for-another-magazine-spring-summer-2016-12 fernanda-ly-greta-varlese-by-roe-ethridge-for-another-magazine-spring-summer-2016-11 fernanda-ly-greta-varlese-by-roe-ethridge-for-another-magazine-spring-summer-2016-10 fernanda-ly-greta-varlese-by-roe-ethridge-for-another-magazine-spring-summer-2016-8 fernanda-ly-greta-varlese-by-roe-ethridge-for-another-magazine-spring-summer-2016-7 fernanda-ly-greta-varlese-by-roe-ethridge-for-another-magazine-spring-summer-2016-5 fernanda-ly-greta-varlese-by-roe-ethridge-for-another-magazine-spring-summer-2016-6 fernanda-ly-greta-varlese-by-roe-ethridge-for-another-magazine-spring-summer-2016-4 fernanda-ly-greta-varlese-by-roe-ethridge-for-another-magazine-spring-summer-2016-3 (2) fernanda-ly-greta-varlese-by-roe-ethridge-for-another-magazine-spring-summer-2016-2 fernanda-ly-greta-varlese-by-roe-ethridge-for-another-magazine-spring-summer-2016-1 fernanda-ly-greta-varlese-by-roe-ethridge-for-another-magazine-spring-summer-2016