Hana Jirickova by Harri Peccinotti for Purple Fashion, Spring/Summer 2016

Hana Jirickova finds the music in makeup by Harri Peccinotti for Purple Fashion Magazine, S/S 2016. Focusing on the sentient rhythms of the five senses, this story celebrates the beauty of Touch, Sight, Taste, Smell & Sound. The art of perception is portrayed in the nuance of significance, as the sentient overcast is captured in the Fury of Five. The import of excellence is seen in the export of imagination, as awareness is found in the consciousness of creativity. To be open to the world and its gifts, is to be open to all that exists around us. To look at these images one might be tempted to call it cartoonish. However, upon closer examination we see that within it is held the concept of truth. We live in a world where we are told that we must have a working knowledge of everything. To go after a belief system – that at its core – pertains to the power of more. More money, More trips, More cars, More Things – just more… more… more… more!!!  But, wonder if what we seek is as simple as a Popsicle melting. Or what we yearn for is the taste of whipped cream as it touches the tip of our tongue.

Georgina Graham takes us on a trip through the senses, artfully using every space on the face. The eyes erupt in a flurry of flight as beauty combusts in the dawn of delight. Succulence surges through the pages as a cacophony of color surrounds the lids. Graphic cat-eyes project pure power as minty-green shadow packs a punch. A thin line is drawn through the brows as strikes of black are mimicked below. Flowing like a disco river, glitter goes glam down side of skin. Lips explodes in a crimson crush bleeding over the mouth in a colorful rush. To witness each drop hesitate and then slowly makes its way to the tongue, that is a sight of satiated pleasure. Enjoy the art of sensitive consumption, as nature flows allowing stickiness to drip on the lips of desire. Graham gifts us with simple pleasures manifesting them into the music of hope.

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