Kate Moss in “Wild Fun” by Mario Testino for Vogue Italia, February 2016

Kate Moss sinks into a smile in “Wild Fun” by Mario Testino for Vogue Italia, 02/16. Maestro Mario creates an issue dedicated to the art of the Laugh, as Soloist – Erik Underwood (The Royal Ballet), plays her partner. All these years later and Moss in Motion still satisfies. A cause/effect so intrinsic to try and understand is like catching moving water. You might feel the drips tickling your fingers but eventually it will fall right through your hands. This is a story about passion. About the tingling feelings you get when you’re inspired to react. With every clique we feel the cache of strength as the camera seeks out something unique. Katie Grand captures quiet moments that produce the most Moss like momentum. Whether it’s a vibe from the vertigo or intensity from the 70’s, this pictorial passes on a sense of satisfaction. A cast of color rushes over the face as Charlotte Tilbury creates perfect makeup. Richness floods the features as yellow, purple & green are seen through the eyes of possibility. The lips part in poetry as the cheeks gather in a meaningful grin. Beauty beckons us to stay as each shot takes us deeper into the fold. Inviting a kind of pseudo mind set, this editorial allows us to experience many versions of the same smile. And, while we may ask why it is necessary we might also inquire why it would not be. To Laugh seems such a simple thing, yet when can you last remember engaging in such an expression? Christiaan makes hair the centerpiece of this happy tale with locks that whip through the air. Freedom speaks as head flips represent our struggle to be who we are meant to be. 

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