Ruth Bell in “Don’t You Wonder Sometimes?” by Drew Jarrett for Garage Magazine, S/S 2016

Ruth Bell revels in the beauty of blue in “Don’t You Wonder Sometimes?” by Drew Jarrett for Garage Magazine, S/S 2016. Fluid factions flood the page as Blue Bell beckons us forth. Symbolic imagery is seen as powerful pictures revel in the tenants of truth. Stylist, Anders Sølvsten Thomsen, crafts haute couture in the form of dynamic room design, as moody tones mimic the surroundings. Nestled in neon, a lime-green robe lays behind her in wait, as thigh-high boots reach up naked legs. Silk careens down her body as seductive shades trace the outline of youth. Dark walls reflect a somber tenderness, while dueling beauty is met in the baroness of blue. Lilting colors become one as Sil Bruinsma uses aqua to explore the anatomy of the eyes. The art of intensity invites the truth of a stare, as stunning strikes of light touch the tips of the skin. Cecilia Romero sets a singe of sapphire over the hair as electric blue bleeds in silent reverie. A cast of cobalt falls down walls leaving tips of azure to careen over screen.


I let the blue settle

like sun on the skin,

waking my mind

to the flurries within.

Surrounded in silence

I scream to be seen,

before I’m awakened

ripped from the dream.

Blue beckons me forth

to a place with no name,

where all of my fears

live without shame.

The risqué of racy,

the features of flight,

strike without warning

as dark turns to bright.

The tenebrous tunings

of a melancholy night,

leaves a forlorn of fury

in the dawn of delight.

So, I’ll let my mind go,

I’ll let my soul be,

for where it will take me…

is the heart of the sea.

original prose – tanyajo

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