Stella Lucia in “Feisty” by Mario Testino Vogue Italia, February 2016

Stella Lucia is a work of art in “Feisty” by Mario Testino for Vogue Italia, 02/16. The heir apparent the art divine this story celebrates the conquest of curiosity. Panos Yiapanis creates a collection of pieces that are devoted to the act of extreme blending. Nothing matches yet everything works in this eclectic editorial aimed at the exquisite. The body billboard is erected as visual imagery is vested through the craft of couture. Overlapping styles erupt with trends that take on new forms of expression. Each piece projects a sense of syllogistic synergy as purposeful insanity plays itself out. Patterns form an odd faction as the beguiling looks of neo-fashion blend. By weaving together wild fabrics we find ourselves facing the artful world of chaos. Each outfit redefines the idea of “mixing and matching” by allowing us to assume the power of the paradoxical. Gone are features proper replaced by beauty mimicked with finger-paint. Makeup’s made to look like chalk on a board as Dotti draws on skin akin to pen on paper. Features come alive, as colors fuse together daring us to re-imagine the shape of the face. Red races over the lid leaving a swipe of pseudo shadow, as a similar stripe of purple lands on the same side. The eye lights up with faux matches striking all around the left, as turquoise sits in a tranquil state with blue smeared around the right. Like a child at play, a dark marker makes its way around the mouth as the lips pay tribute to youth. Yellow strikes hit the cheeks as a single flower poses in poetic harmony. Hairstylist, Orlando Pita does Stella in balayage reboot with brown roots that give way to blonde ends. Susie at Style Bubble created the concept of Oxymoronic Fashion, a statement that fits this story to perfection. Fabrics crash in coercion as creative forces hit the skin like splashes of paint.

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