Bella Hadid in “La La La” by Sam Taylor-Johnson for Love Magazine, S/S 2016

Bella Hadid brings a unique flavor to the scene in “La La La” by Sam Taylor-Johnson for Love, S/S ’16. Livin’ the dream, she does what every girl dreams of doing (just once), Bella becomes someone new. The mysteries of La La Land are displayed, in this compelling tale that dares to tell the secrets of the road. Stylist, Anthony Unwin, celebrates the flavor of 70’s fashion with a hyper modern twist. Body-con styling brings the heat, with beguiling looks that define the co-opting of decades. Designs deliver an ode to the era of disco, with lycra leggings and a matching gold crop-top. Tight never looked so right, with cool cut-offs and a jean dress with exposed sides. A fearless individual rides off to discover the world, in this evocative take on the art of independence. Brave & beautiful, Lucy Halperin mimics the surroundings with natural makeup that speaks in quiet whispers. Touches of gold tempt the lids giving us a taste of travel. While cheeks are dusted with a pinch of pink and lips are bitten with a rosy glow. The lines of her skin bare out the beauty within, as her face spells out the secrets of freedom. A hazy hue of summer comes her way as the eyes sizzle with heat that speaks. Sun ignites the flames as the fire of life burns within each female. Ryan Richman creates graphic dimensions, with diagonal shapes that go to extremes. Cuts capture each turn of travel artfully mimicked in the angles of the hair. Like shots from a video clip this story speaks to the power of pictures. Each still is rich with dimension… allowing us to envision tomorrow’s landscape as we imagine a place where we can escape.

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