Lindsey Wixson by Michael Donovan for ODDA Magazine #10 Tributes Issue

Lindsey Wixson celebrates a decade of defiance, in this playful piece dedicated to ODDA Magazine’s 10th Anniversary Tributes Issue. ODDA embraces avant-garde photography with imagery that incites independence. Lindsey invites Yuri Pleskun along for the ride, as they run through each frame free to just be. This compelling couple captures our imagination, with fiery attitudes that fall just this side of devious. Done with a wistful wink, (Stylist) Lisa Jarvis shakes things up with fluid fashions that dabble in double speak. Curves cascade down the body as silk and satin emanate with stunning appeal. Gold leafed accouterments add neck embellishments, and a 70’s inspired crystal-covered jumpsuit sets the tone. Leather and lace get extreme with a cone shaped bra strapped down by a harness. As delicious art turns devious with patent leather flanked by fringe. Miriam Robstad varies in virtue by setting subtle shifts that change the mood of makeup. Naked on the bottom gives way to a contemporary cat-eye, as liquid liner runs over the lid, flicking out the sides in poetic harmony. Purring like a kitten with a whip – this girl moves her groove with a wicked little eye-flip. This application utilizes a new cosmetic concept I’ve termed (The Lindsey Flip), a modern take on 60’s Kitten-Flick. The mouth evolves from just-bitten to a burning hue, as beauty brandishes itself with red-hot lips. Hair veers from one look to another with locks that make a seductive switch. Running through cavernous rooms coiffured Bob hits with a boom. Showing us all sides, we travel through time running in place as vacuous surroundings shift in space.

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