Maartje Verhoef by Txema Yeste for Vogue Russia, April 2016

Maartje Verhoef brings to life the first Hippi Ryder shot by Txema Yeste for Vogue Russia, April 2016. A woman and her bike – A female and her fire, this is the story of spirit transformed into a rebel rider. In a pairing unlike we’ve seen, Txema blends the art of the sky with the heart of a street rider. Joining forces these dynamic groups come together to embrace the power of one. Tough on the outside soft in the center, styles evolve from hard edged leather to a triumph in tulle. Olga Dunina stokes the climate of creation with a unique fusion of high fashion passion. A plastic overdress exposes what’s below, as a see-thru, net one-piece lets the skin breath. While trench coats infuse a feeling of secrecy, exposing the diversity of their designs. Feathers and a single crystal hang from a ten-gallon hat, as haute pants are topped with broken mirrors. Silvery paint is brushed over the body as avant-garde excess takes a turn toward nude. Soft makeup slides over her face, as Victor Alvarez captures the solemn nature of spirituality. The skin is kissed with a touch of natural beauty allowing features to gently linger on. Like a mark of ferocity, silver strikes across her eyes leaving behind a mask of strength. Laurent Philippon matches the strands of amber to the vibrant surroundings, as hair is ablaze in the morning glow. In the light of a new day we see ourselves rise, as we take the pathway to tomorrow. Breathtaking imagery invites us to ride… as Maartje lets strikes of silver run down her nude breasts honoring Freedom of Female Spirit.

Heart of a Hippi Ryder…

By the edge of the water

by the side of the sea,

this is one cowgirl

that dares just to be.

With a Stetson she sits

on her cycle with pride,

as a billowing sheet

flows out with the tide.

Silken shadows they blow

as hope rides in the wind,

with a oneness of spirit…

arising within.

poetic prose – tanyajo

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