Molly Bair in “trip Tease” by Janneke van der Hagen for CR Fashion Book, S/S 2016

Molly Bair falls into the future in “trip Tease” by Janneke van der Hagen for CR Fashion Book, S/S 16. Nestled in a neon nest, Benjamin Galopine floats bright pink designs over her body. Shadows come and shadows go but what’s behind we’ll never know. Riding the line between soulful and sexy, Bair uses her unmatched ability to fuse fashion and art. Transitional is the only word that adequately describes her eclectic style. Morphing and moving like no one in the business, each shot is a reflection of the woman inside. Unable to look away I find that I’m hypnotized by the strength of her stare. Hands dance across the page in the heat of the moment, as the length of her limbs stretch to another century. Pretty is a petty word made for the mindless, as this young woman owns a kind of grace we aren’t often gifted with. Features move like rhythm to rhyme as pictures of poetic intention are filled with fire. Described as alien like she exudes an otherworldly glow, as her countenance is captured in the skin-tone of snow. Floating lakes over the face let eyes come alive like stars in the sky. Beauty basks in glory of gorgeous, as Topolino uses makeup to mimic the feminine spirit. Blue pools beckon us near as the magic of sapphire deigns to be clear. Exquisite hands move in balletic form, holding the brow in a dramatic arch. I follow the light into the night as I caress with my mind the curves of her face.

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