Olivia Jansing in “Recycle” by Marcus Ohlsson for Beauty Papers, Spring/Summer 2016

Olivia Jansing acts responsibly in “Recycle” by Marcus Ohlsson for Beauty Papers, S/S ’16. Plastique is the fabric du jour, with styles that range from eclectic to extreme. Covering up is so yesterday, as we explore the idea of cosmetic counter-play. In one of the most compelling outlets of the season, we find ourselves going for nude. Naked skin will pull you in as the story takes a turn at what I call neo-application. Benjamin Puckey shows us how the act of making someone up can be applied in many forms. A compilation of creative forces come to be as Olivia wears a glove in the place of a hat. Vibrancy adheres to the skin, as colors graze the face with features formed and then replaced. Molds of blue lay above and below the eyes, as black climbs up the forehead creating faux brows. Purple sits on the upper cheek representing blusher, as red plastic expands over the lips in perfect form. Michelle Cameron produces a number of forward designs all looking like they came from the house of high fashion. Prep-time becomes prime-time with a halter made from newspaper headlines, matching a garbage bag transformed into an a-line skirt. Escaping the confines of “normal” we find ourselves searching for something new. Rita Marmor proves that you don’t have to have the latest in wares to astound with creativity. From haute-hats and a rouged veil to a wild array of telephone accouterments, this reminds us that originality is the thing. Forget the fedoras, kill the chapeaux, break the bowlers and say good-bye to sombreros – today anything goes. Accessories have never been so compelling, from telephone wires all coiling together like curls, to a big red and white plastic sack that says it all – Thank You.

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