Toni Garrn in “Au-Dessous Du Volcan” by Emma Tempest for L’Express Styles, 02/16

Toni Garrn becomes one with the sun, “Au-Dessous Du Volcan” by Emma TempestL’Express Styles, February 2016. Fire hits her feets as Garrn grips the ground, walking in silence the wind is her sound. It plays like a piece from the concerto of dreams, carrying her up for a fait accompli. Turning cries of silence into sadness that screams, Toni gives herself over longing to be free.. Under the Volcano. The baroness of beauty a lover of the land, Sandra Cooke seeks subtle makeup to settle into the crevices of creation. Becoming one with her surroundings, each picture perpetuates the heat, as molten rock is formed to meet the shape of her body. Features come alive as fire is seen in nakedness of the face. Understanding the momentum of fashion, as a business, is clear. However, to witness this external beauty beckoning us forward, asking us to ascend the steps of righteous awakenings – that is utterly exquisite. Mineral and earth substances collide as nature feeds itself on the art of illusion. I can’t help but wonder what would it be like if all statement pieces were eliminated. If all works of fashion-art were erased and in their place was left nothing but the silhouette of sanity. Truth exists as the human body lets it’s skin breathe the aire. Breaking in the rhythms of sound, space and time this story gives us an invitation into another realm. And, I will openly admit in some of these shots it’s as if the clothing were taking cues from a higher source. In a fit of fashion fury there is war of mental words, as Emma begins and ends in the inner-sanctums of our minds. Mika Mizutani shows silhouettes mixing it up as modern styles scream loud to stand proud. The anguish of agony reads over her face as sadness sits in sheer silence. Toni’s body bends in artful revenance, as a ring that could read as artificial seems genuinely authentic, as it gently curves over the tip of her lower lip.

volcano of victory

step forward, feel the ground

move in silence, seek no sound

be aware, be nothing at all

stand invisible, break the fall

ache in earnest for all to see

for that is the best part of me

share who I am, truth we will find

righteous awareness. real that is kind

so fly angel, where you will go

a place that will take you

to the edge of the know

poetic prose – tanyajo

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