Anna Cleveland in “Blue Witches” by Paolo Roversi for Luncheon Magazine S/S 2016

Anna Cleveland invites us inside the inaugural Issue, in “Blue Witches” by Paolo Roversi for Luncheon Magazine, S/S 2016. A compelling editorial that captures the artistry of Comme des Garçons through the incomparable vision of Rei Kawakubo. In one of the most dynamic stories of the season, we are able to see the imaginative efforts of this designer come forth. So fluid are her movements so distinct is her vision, to witness her work come to life is like watching raw pictures project in slow motion. The poignancy of avant-garde art is met in a dizzying mix of theatrical fashion. Frances von Hofmannsthal and Thomas Persson compel us forward by allowing us to become one with these powerful pieces. Shiny shades of blue beckon us near with a billowing after-thought of flowing fabric. While a variety of alternating light sources break out in a bouquet of sheer brilliance. Silk/Satin project creative positions as faux feathers fly around creating a masque like effect. Powdered to perfection, Julien d’Ys utilizes translucent shadow to redefine the curves of her face. Anna is transformed as distinct features emit a softened glow, allowing a conceptual take on haute couture cosmetics. The past and future collide, as vintage inspired beauty is made to look like modern makeup. A heart-shaped black mouth makes a statement, with pursed lips drawn to perfection. Utterly unique yet oddly connected, Rei sets the stage with this aggressive take on Raggedy Anne Coiffure. Wigged out and wonderful, to truly get lost in the moment you must revel in the righteousness of red. Telling a tale of revolution, the tenuous nature of Metamorphosis is captured in the symphony of change. To be born and to die to live and to survive – that is what I see when I absorb the work of Kawakubo.
ANNA_CLEVELAND_LUNCHEON_NO_1_SPRING_SUMMER_2016_PAOLO_ROVERSI-6 blue-witches-anna-cleveland-by-paolo-roversi-for-luncheon-magazine-spring-summer-2016-2 (1) blue-witches-anna-cleveland-by-paolo-roversi-for-luncheon-magazine-spring-summer-2016-1 (1)blue-witches-anna-cleveland-by-paolo-roversi-for-luncheon-magazine-spring-summer-2016-3 blue-witches-anna-cleveland-by-paolo-roversi-for-luncheon-magazine-spring-summer-2016-4 (1) blue-witches-anna-cleveland-by-paolo-roversi-for-luncheon-magazine-spring-summer-2016-5 blue-witches-anna-cleveland-by-paolo-roversi-for-luncheon-magazine-spring-summer-2016-6 (1) blue-witches-anna-cleveland-by-paolo-roversi-for-luncheon-magazine-spring-summer-2016blue-witches-anna-cleveland-by-paolo-roversi-for-luncheon-magazine-spring-summer-2016-7 blue-witches-anna-cleveland-by-paolo-roversi-for-luncheon-magazine-spring-summer-2016-8