Anna Ewers in “California Dream” by Hedi Slimane for Vogue Paris, May 2016

Anna Ewers is lost inside a “California Dream” by Hedi Slimane for Vogue Paris, May 2016. In an age that defined a kind of fashion hedonism, this decade came to be known as the era of excess. Bringing forward the beat of the street, this story winds around the past while it propel us ahead. Emmanuelle Alt speaks 80’s chic by delivering designs by Vivienne WestwoodGold Label. Each piece honors the time period with billowing shoulders & body-con lines, while see-thru silk overlays sheer black lingerie. A billboard style dress wears words that she’ll say, as parachute pants bring us back to the day. Anna knows how to expose herself with looks backed against painted walls, while makeup forges the shape of the face, leaving Aaron de Mey to celebrate the history of good skin. Creative cosmetics capture the scene, leaving naked lashes/brows to live inside a dream. Shadow erupts with charcoal racing around the eyes, as powder gives a glow with golden secrets that steal the show. A cherry mouth is drawn with dangerous curves ahead, allowing lips to pop with pure perfection. Classic beauty reminds us of those vintage times with a cool shade that sizzles without any shine. Hairstylist, James Pecis, dares to deliver dimensions that are sheer 80’s Robert Palmer, with a signature style slicked back to extreme. Close you eyes and you will be say, California Dreaming on Such a Stylish Day

Vogue_Paris-May_2016-Anna_Ewers-by-Hedi_Slimane-01 Vogue_Paris-May_2016-Anna_Ewers-by-Hedi_Slimane-02 Vogue_Paris-May_2016-Anna_Ewers-by-Hedi_Slimane-03 Vogue_Paris-May_2016-Anna_Ewers-by-Hedi_Slimane-05 Vogue_Paris-May_2016-Anna_Ewers-by-Hedi_Slimane-06 Vogue_Paris-May_2016-Anna_Ewers-by-Hedi_Slimane-04Vogue_Paris-May_2016-Anna_Ewers-by-Hedi_Slimane-07 Vogue_Paris-May_2016-Anna_Ewers-by-Hedi_Slimane-08 Vogue_Paris-May_2016-Anna_Ewers-by-Hedi_Slimane-09 Vogue_Paris-May_2016-Anna_Ewers-by-Hedi_Slimane-10 Vogue_Paris-May_2016-Anna_Ewers-by-Hedi_Slimane-11