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Anna Ewers brings a moody blue mix of art and evolution in “Season of the Witch” by Paolo Roversi for Dazed, SS 2016. “Power/Protest” remind us that we all own a right to respond, both internally and externally, to the world’s earthly insistence. I Set My Sight on the Rhythm of the Night as I Cast My Calling in the Dawn of Delight. To Feel the Fire to Stand Up and Fight, the Moon is My Hero as I walk in it’s Light. The craft of couture exudes from the pages as artistic excess emanates from our bodies. Stylist, Robbie Spencer, brings his own dynamic insight to this piece, with styles that open the mind’s gate. Comme des Garçons captures our imagination with looks that defy darkness. As deep sapphire steals the shadows inviting avant-garde fashion to pour out in passion. Makeup highlights the lips, with somber shades that reflect an isolated spirit. As shadows fall in secret, inspiring Hiromi Ueda to mimic the roundness of the moon with the fullness of the face. White powder gives Anna a rich glow, echoing sounds of eternity through the silkiness of her skin. Eyes come alive with thick brows and no mascara, as beauty beckons us to see the blue filled story told in royal rhapsody. The nocturnal nuance the power of play, cradles the night and says goodbye to the day… inviting excess extolling the extreme, proves that all is nothing but a slow-moving dream. Faith flies toward an indigo sky as freedom races to meet the soul spirit guide. Set Designer; Simon Costin creates a majestic scene, as Blue awakens my divine right to say. What I am is what I’ll be, forever is the force in me… The Season of the Witch.

Anna Ewers by Paolo Roversi for Dazed SS 2016Dazed-Summer_2016-Anna_Ewers-by-Paolo_Roversi-00Dazed-Summer_2016-Anna_Ewers-by-Paolo_Roversi-06Anna Ewers by Paolo Roversi for Dazed SS 2016 16Dazed-Summer_2016-Anna_Ewers-by-Paolo_Roversi-05Dazed-Summer_2016-Anna_Ewers-by-Paolo_Roversi-04Anna Ewers by Paolo Roversi for Dazed SS 201610Dazed-Summer_2016-Anna_Ewers-by-Paolo_Roversi-01Dazed-Summer_2016-Anna_Ewers-by-Paolo_Roversi-03Anna Ewers by Paolo Roversi for Dazed SS 20165Dazed-Summer_2016-Anna_Ewers-by-Paolo_Roversi-02 anna ewers dazed cover ss 16