Guinevere Van Seenus in “La Geisha” by Sofia Sanchez & Mauro Mongiello for Numéro #172, April 2016

Guinevere Van Seenus melds into the story in “La Geisha” by Sofia Sanchez & Mauro Mongiello for Numéro #172, 04/16. A modern tale of sensual stimulation and artful revelation, Guinevere becomes one with the sun ~ The Geisha Girl. Setting herself above the scene she artfully fits into a day dream. Dressed in the currency of creation, each image injects a sense of wayward wonder. Daring to divine, from a lilac dress covered in red accouterments to similar hose that match in color but differ in design. Kimono’s honor the history of country, with silk chamois covered in floral appliqué. Samuel Francois captures the beat of the street with authentic styles that speak to the surroundings. Fluid fashions bare out the beauty of the modern Geisha, as pictures pay tribute to what’s ahead. The art of Movement makes the moment, as Rie Omoto highlights makeup that transforms. Saturated shades melt into the face, with designs that speak to the past while pushing ahead. A cloud of cosmetics captures the scene with skin that’s been powdered to perfection. Black explodes with wings taking flight as liner erupts leaving eyes outta site. A hue of pink invites us inside, as a swipe of sweet color wraps around the sides and down the cheeks. Then taking an unexpected turn, the fuchsia flush moves over the jaw line, leaving a long mark that stops at the edge of the ear. Finishing with a pop, Omoto succumbs to the power of mouth beauty by using a dynamic, red lipstick. Passion ignites a sense of collective energy with looks that range from clean to extreme. Dai Michishita embraces the natural nature of her blonde hair, allowing it to blend into the backdrop. Vintage inspired imagery masters the moment ~ as art ensues and beauty befalls.

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