Luma Grothe by Liz Collins for Vogue China, May 2016

Luma Grothe evokes the stance of “Anti Pretty” by Liz Collins for Vogue China, May 2016. To stare into the great unknown to gaze across the sea, to behold a view that will be undone to cast a shadow in the morning sun. Standing on the edge of something new… this story doesn’t refer to a look that’s unappealing, rather, it defines a true change. The Anti Pretty sentiment captures a sense of impending alteration, artfully echoing the elements of revolution. To revise is to ride the rhythm of the night, until a transition turns all the wrong into what’s right. Poetic parallels are reflected in the eyes of intention, allowing (Makeup Artist) Miranda Joyce to focus on the orbital area. Aqua ignites a futuristic tone, with faux lashes missing from the center/bottom section. While white rides the lash free line, with crystal drawn just along the lower lid. Blue mascara blasts off, with a double-sided dot placed perfectly below. Hairstylist, Syd Hayes, takes this tale from teal-green to indigo-electric, driving the drama of the lashes with the wigs above. To celebrate the craft we seek is to understand the power of poignant vision. It’s not merely what we take in through our site complex, it’s what we view through the strength of our heart. When we cast aside our notion to hide we then see what we are meant to be. Anti-Pretty isn’t referring to a level of beauty, it asks us to understand our inner truth. Lumas’s lids are left clean yet come off extreme with pictures that aim to penetrate the soul. The divinity of modern designs inspire our thought process – as they dare to devour our mind’s fertile eye.

Vogue_China-May_2016-Luma_Grothe-by-Liz_Collins-05 Vogue_China-May_2016-Luma_Grothe-by-Liz_Collins-01Vogue_China-May_2016-Luma_Grothe-by-Liz_Collins-03 (1)Vogue_China-May_2016-Luma_Grothe-by-Liz_Collins-04Vogue_China-May_2016-Luma_Grothe-by-Liz_Collins-06Vogue_China-May_2016-Luma_Grothe-by-Liz_Collins-02