Numéro China

Pooja Mor leads the troops in “Mask” by Txema Yeste for Numéro China, April 2016. He is She and This is That, We are They and Them is the Trap. This story takes us to a place that says what we are is enough. With tribal markings done in what appears to be glass, the echos of erroneous aire lay on my face as ancient winds wisp through deep space. Naked beauty comes to bare as Pooja lets soft angels meld with her sweet face. Stylist, Tim Lim, brings a flavor of 70’s fashion touched with a rich edge. We get a more realistic view of humanity by embracing the concept of creative blending. Bald and beautiful, Ava Mcavoy proves that pretty really does come from inside. Laying back on a couch she wears a faux fur-top from New York Vintage and plastic, see-thru pants. The art of instinct the ache of farewell her Navy hats a telling tale. In a sailor made v-neck blue sweater and matching velvet, wide-legged pants, she stands to salute in high-silver, platformed boots. It’s neither he nor she boy or girl, man versus woman or penis versus vagina. It’s rather a blend of the two. And, if that’s not clear – it’s a concoction of clits/cocks – got it? Proving that the truth of any being is found in the between. Erin Mommsen invites us to a new way to view artfully exploring both sides of sexuality.

Beauty blends off his being as each image emanates the idea of duality. Erin morphs his many looks like a free bird taking flight. Just as jeans slide over his torso a silken robe falls down his skin. Neither look’s more fitting that the next, as the heat of his fire is found in the tone that he takes. Never one to evoke a sense of masculine or feminine, he allows instinctual elements to run their course. Features are showcased in a new way, as Tyron Machhausen uses makeup to highlight rather than hide. This concept allows the use of cosmetics for the purpose of seeing clearer. Simple yet compelling, subtle shadow makes it’s mark giving his dreamy stare a deeper intensity. With eyes so blue they bare into our soul, as long, brown locks fall free. Connor Newell breaks outta the pack wearing a vibrant mask with pink, yellow, green & burgundy painted on. Standing under an empty tree, the cold weather has turned this into a baron bouquet of branches. Pasquale Ferrante lets both the male/female waves ride, both indistinguishable from the other. Navigating the troubled waters of sexuality can be a daunting task, Set Designer; Whitney Hellesen takes on the oceanic efforts of the mind/body connection.

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