Sarah Brannon in “L’héroïne” by Greg Kadel for Numéro #172, April 2016

Sarah Brannon is a woman of fire in “L’héroïne” by Greg Kadel for Numéro #172, April 2016. Breaking through the walls of boredom Sarah bares the burden of extreme. Evocative, edgy, airy and light – these would not be terms commonly put together, but here we feel the collective unconscious at work. Art evolves around the woman like so many stars lighting the night sky. Stylist, Charles Varenne, aims to capture fashion at its finest, with this unique vision of dueling forces. Unable to deny aiming to defy, each piece projects a sense of similarity while screaming with distinct characteristics. Daring to brave the beauty of beyond, Fulvia Farolfi discovers a new place for the future face. A collection of creations dismantle the ordinary, as the features witness this display of dissent. Cogence and chaos play off the scene as each image takes us deeper into the fold. Brows set forth a new way to be with looks that go from begone to beguiling. Silver sweeps down the inner eye and then up and over the real brow, as a straight strike creates a diagonal line above. The majesty of modern makeup hypnotizes with shadows that run the gambit from clean to extreme. In one of the most unique editorials we seen this season, this story uses the odyssey of ecstasy to bring out the art from within. 60’s chic is complete with eyes that are naked on top and full on the bottom. Dramatic lines explode off the lower lid, leaving a faux lash line drawn in. Avant-garde excess swirls together to form a masque like effect, as blue swipes create an inner-eye effect. The face of the future has arrive with indigo lips, as silver studs cover the mouth making the move from naked to extreme. Neil Moodie works the craft of hair with looks that range from a diamond tiara to a coiffured Lycra swimming cap. Sarah is savage in her intent to expose new ideas, while appearing subtle in her approach to take on the task. Venturing into the dark unknown, this dares us to become one with our being as it inspires the rarity of dueling female forms.
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