Anja Konstantinova in ‘All Dolled Up’ by Alberto Maria Colombo for

Anja Konstantinova dares us to go bare with a starry stare in ‘All Dolled Up‘ by Alberto Maria Colombo for Cosmetic creativity is closely captured as each composite suggests something new. Subtlety seductive and uniquely chic, Frank B lets every makeup twist tells a different story. Devious decadence invites us inside with eyes that sparkle and lips that shine. White-washed brows blend into the skin allowing bold shadows to take center stage. As a frost bitten fury falls over the face sending the power of pearls into a frenzied state. Tiny jewels are applied evenly between long, faux lashes with a black star sitting alone below. Teal, blue, plum & violet captivates our senses with shades that create a crescent shape. Letting pure art be unleashed we become witness to the beauty of the beast. Silky brown races around the eyes giving off a neon glow, as things get super cheeky yellow blusher steals the show. Powdered skin gets in the mix with compelling images that inject a sense of sheer wonder. As matchy-matchy makes its mark, dip-dyed bangs are in harmony with wind-swept skin. Letting the mouth luxuriate in a range of neo-reds, the final picture is that of two pearls placed on either side of the bottom lip. Hairstylist, Sasha Nesterchuk, creates a masterpiece of coiffure, from braids to floral accouterments, extensions bloom. Future dews are defined by the icy, coolness of wicked blonde hair, while color combinations collide as artistic applications move us forward. The Face Comes into focus – As a Living Doll is Made from the lure of light to the slight of shade.

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