Charlee Fraser in ‘Attache-moi’ by Greg Kadel for Numéro May 2016

Charlee Fraser plays a little, Tie Me Upin ‘Attache-moi’ shot by Greg Kadel for Numéro, May 2016. Conceptual overtones are lifted from a dream as sensuality conveys the art of extreme. Pushing past the limits of convention this story takes us to the mindful edge. Standing in direct opposition to the tone of this tale, Kadel’s clean imagery sends a signal of strength. What’s done in the shadows comes out to play, as darkness finds solace in the light of the day. Taking on the concept of constraints, truth revels in the rise of creative excess. Naughty trumps nice as (red/purple) ropes climb up the skin, exposing the rousing rise of bright-colored binding. This piece projects a palpable sense of passion as sexual innuendo is unleashed.

Charles Varenne flaunts fashion in a glamour gone wild style, showing sleek can possess a sensual edge. A t-backed top is shown in reverse – characterizing the will of the confused. While, silken lace come in shades of black with a leather front that looks just like the back. Tie me Up, Tie Me Down… tells how danger and designs blend, as shards of broken glass create a serious anti-wear look. Silver netting mimics the appearance of a chain-linked fence, as wide holes reveal every inch of the body. Like a dance of sensuality slithering over the skin, the art of introspection is driven by what’s within.

Beauty burns straight through the page as Maud Laceppe shows the intensity of the eyes. Overtones of excess are blatantly manifested, letting modern makeup be revealed. While lids are covered in solid, black shadow, creating a crescent moon-shape above. A line of blue traces over the top, leaving the lower face erased by rows of gold piattes. Daringly chic makes our knees week, as each picture exposes the heat of high passion. Skin is Outta Site… as long bangs cover the front of the face, while short and sassy shine. Shingo Shibata uses a series of wigs to bring out the ferocity of synthetic chic. As glamour strikes a stunning stare, hypnotically hidden under a wall of hair. Bodily curves curl around the constraints, forcing colors to converge as they clash. Boldly reminding us, that it’s often through the tangled ropes of revelry that we find our existential meaning.

“Attache-moi” by Greg Kadel for Numero 8“Attache-moi” by Greg Kadel for Numero 9 “Attache-moi” by Greg Kadel for Numero 5 blue light“Attache-moi” by Greg Kadel for Numero 6 “Attache-moi” by Greg Kadel for Numero 2 attach moi“Attache-moi” by Greg Kadel for Numero