Lina Hoss by Miles Aldridge for Numéro China, May/June 2016

Lina Hoss rides us into the light by Miles Aldridge for Numéro China, May/June 2016. A dream inside a dream… the divine decadence of neon shines bright, inviting a fusion of fantasy to ignite. Walking in a trance like state a cacophony of quiet chaos explodes. Samuel François speaks to a new generation with fashions that fuel the fire of desire. Each piece invents an optical illusion, tempting Aldrige to use his talents to open another world. Like a mannequin coming to life this creature keeps us guessing, asking is this real or robotic? Pushing past the lines of lunacy, soldiers of style march to a different drum. Rich colors rule the night tempting Lucy Bridge to transform dark into light. Neon goes Nuclear, as aura captivates our senses inspiring the collusion of creativity to collide. A blast of application casts itself forward, letting shadows settle over the features of the face. As Bridge blends a new notion of beauty, by blurring vision to erupt the process of pretty. Blue and green race over the lids while a whirl of madness runs through the mind’s eye. Powdered to perfection, the skin either sits under a wall of waving lines or finds itself wrapped in head-to-toe plastic. Lips rage on as the roar of glossy red gets our attention. In a transformation of triumph, modern makeup is made to look like live art installation. Tina Outen shaves us into the next century, leaving just enough hair-fuzz to make a statement. This dynamic vector of visual drama is inspired by the concept of Cyborgs. Through the incubus of change we watch Lina experience this story from a unique angle. The past and future collide in this story that celebrates a new vision of tomorrow.

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