Marie-Agnès Gillot in “Étoile” by Jacob Sutton for Numéro #173, May 2016

Marie-Agnès Gillot shines like a Star in the night sky in “Étoile” by Jacob Sutton for Numéro #173, May 2016. Letting go of gravity, Gillot glides across the frame like a phoenix in flight. This creature captures our imagination while she takes us to new heights, as a primary dancer in Ballet of the Paris Opera. Predatory in her stance – stately in her appearance, this compelling combination defines drama. Slow, majestic movements wield off her body as an underlying need for speed takes hold. Art finds itself in the lines of her figure as couture captures attention in black and white. Samuel François invites fluid fashions to flow over the skin from designers that include; Calvin Klein Collection, Chloé, House Man Margiela, Prada, Saint Laurent by Hedi Slimane, Salvatore Ferragamo & Vionnet. Fabric becomes one with the concept of progression, as pictures punctuate the power of precision. Beauty beckons the will of grace as Hiromi Ueda lets the light of love fall over her face. Neo-naked makeup explodes allowing the evolution of dance to be discovered. The rhythm of rhyme syncs up as eyes incite an understated brilliance, while subtle tones of softness brush over the lips. Neil Moodie places the hair in a proper chignon with the bun falling near the nape of the neck. Stirring steps lead to a journey of change as her limbs act as an extension of self. Reaching out her heart opens up as hands of life move ahead.

Numero-173-May-2016-Marie-Agnes-Gillot-by-Jacob-Sutton-07 (1) Numero-173-May-2016-Marie-Agnes-Gillot-by-Jacob-Sutton-01 (1) Numero-173-May-2016-Marie-Agnes-Gillot-by-Jacob-Sutton-02 Numero-173-May-2016-Marie-Agnes-Gillot-by-Jacob-Sutton-03 Numero-173-May-2016-Marie-Agnes-Gillot-by-Jacob-Sutton-05 Numero-173-May-2016-Marie-Agnes-Gillot-by-Jacob-Sutton-06 Numero-173-May-2016-Marie-Agnes-Gillot-by-Jacob-Sutton-04 (1) Numero-173-May-2016-Marie-Agnes-Gillot-by-Jacob-Sutton-08 Numero-173-May-2016-Marie-Agnes-Gillot-by-Jacob-Sutton-09 Numero-173-May-2016-Marie-Agnes-Gillot-by-Jacob-Sutton-12 Numero-173-May-2016-Marie-Agnes-Gillot-by-Jacob-Sutton-11 Numero-173-May-2016-Marie-Agnes-Gillot-by-Jacob-Sutton-10 (1)