Matilda Dods in “Pink Light District” by Miles Aldridge for Numéro Magazine, S/S 2016

Matilda Dods plays a doll part in “Pink Light District” by Miles Aldridge for Numéro Magazine, S/S ’16. Saturated with his unique brand of beauty, Miles takes us one shade away from the Red Light District. Model/Musician, Matilda, goes from pretty to plastique, as this story screams with layers of sadness. Samuel François uses bright styles that meet the surroundings while they stand on their own. Fashion comes alive with a flavor of madness, allowing a collection of colors to fill the frame. Multi-dimensional imagery erupts, leaving walls covered in chaos as they bleed neon. Modern makeup dares to go retro as Lloyd Simmonds uses similar shades but in softer tones. Eyes are lined giving peepers that 60’s inspired pop, as the mouth keeps things sweet with lips that put the pretty in pink. The face maintains a model look, with skin so perfect it appears to be fake, while each shot echos the theme reading like a modern day mannequin. Paint blasts over the page giving power to the picture. Proving this uplifting outer shell is simply masking the effects of what’s being felt on the inside. Antithetical to what we are seeing, this collection mimics creative imagery while it emotes another layer of feeling. Asking us to lose ourselves in the richness of each picture, while it tempts us to tackle the depth of the page. Art does it’s job right when we are awash in questions as we’re surrounded in light. Kerry Warn takes us from a page-boy to pin-curls, with golden tresses alive with a rich overtone of gilded flavor. Pretty on the outside empty on the inside, each image aches with a kind of empty inner existence.
Matilda-Dods-Numero-Miles-Aldridge-02 milesaldridgenumeropinklightdistrict4-1024x668 (1)Matilda-Dods-Numero-Miles-Aldridge-03 Matilda-Dods-Numero-Miles-Aldridge-04 Matilda-Dods-Numero-Miles-Aldridge-05