Vogue Brazil

Naomi Campbell casts a dramatic spell in the “Black Issue by Gui Paganini for Vogue Brazil, May 2016. Celebrating 30 years in the industry, this triumphant model proves that time is not her enemy. The ruminations of the past meet the forward motion of the future, as each picture projects the power of now. Yasmine Estera slinks through a series of high styles by Miu Miu, Gucci, Hugo Boss & Giorgio Armani. Designs define the art of display as all things go wicked in the light of the day. Naomi brings black fashion into focus, as we find her decked out in dark. Denim makes a strong appearance with lace-up boots that go for sheer show, while a long, sequined gown/coat opens in the back. Dynamic jackets distract from the frey with looks that include a heads-up hoodie, button-down blazers and a bevy of bejeweled fun. Beauty beguiles as Renee Garnes brings the makeup of the moment back to the Super Model day. Frosty shadow captures the sheerness of the season, with a cool freshness that reflects the sentiment of Spring. A misty hint falls over the face leaving a powdered hue to portray perfect skin, as silky white ignites the inner eye with icy nails that forge a matching fury. The richness of red reveals the majesty of her mouth, while the subtle rise of her lips entice with an alluring vibe. Hairstylist, Daniel Hernández, creates coiling coiffure that climbs on high with defiant wigs that reach to the sky. Each head shape tells a unique story, as the end is defined by movement of the moment.

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