Document Journal

Lexi Boling, Katie Moore, Vittoria Ceretti, Taylor Hill, Charlee Fraser, Estella BoersmaAlice Metza indulge in the art of experimental fashion by Roe Ethridge for Document Journal, SS 2016. The opposing atmosphere lends itself to the parallel nature of each piece, as designs exude dynamic presence, invoking a mutiny of miss-matched elements. Robbie Spencer uses his unique ability to rise above the average, allowing us to see modern style in a new way. Dosed with the decadence of future dressing, this begets the idea of contrast and combine. Screaming with a kind of misshapen brilliance this story revels in the history of haute. Entering the era of neo-blending, we forge together the 70’s, 80’s & 90’s, to form a super-group of couture. The past and future collide with beauty inspired by the notion of forward motion. Modern makeup explodes as Francelle Daly invite us inside this merry-go-land of lunacy. Conceptual overtones lead with craziness, as daring strikes are drawn on top, forming a faux arch that lays over the natural line. Eyes are naked allowing the sublime to shine, as power brows are met with the subtlety of powdered skin. The roar of red reveals a deep cherry divide, as black lips swoop in making a move over the mouth. Tomo Jidai brings back the days of dirty hair, with coiffure that blurs the lines between wet and wild. Righteous ensembles seek to be extreme as artistic intercepts the congruence of creativity.

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