Vilma in “Expect the Unexpected” by Mikael Schulz for

Vilma gets aggressive in “Expect the Unexpected” shot by Mikael Schulz for Disturbing the flow of normalcy this story opens our minds to the idea of the unknown. Sophia Eriksen invents a spotlight of change with adornments that stick in the place of makeup. Bedazzled beauty beckons us near with a moody mix of artistry and excess, while, a line of black diamonds depict lovely lashes and crystals create a partial face. Stars fly from the eyes and cover the cheeks as white hearts do explode, leaving tiny letters to sit on the skin spelling a story that forms an alphabet twin. Vilma lets waves of wonder wash over her body as she bares a blend of the unexpected. An array of light invites us inside from the top of the morning to the end of the ride. The prose of potential reach out from beyond with a tale as old as time. Eyes exude a level of intrigue as the glow of gorgeous builds behind. Love falls fast and fades away, as hope runs home to steal the day and heal my broken heart.


Electric energy makes hair fly

straight to the ever waiting sky,

pretty wonders way up high

where every star doth shine.

One side lies flat the other explodes,

into the land of lunacy she goes,

where hope lives hard

and love won’t die…

’til all our dreams come true.

Outta the dark and into the day

time will echo and fade away,

of pain that seeks to settle down

in the place that I call home.

A direct display an array of light

on the edge of morning…

at the end of night,

I’ll find a way to get it right

as it takes me back to you.

Makeup meanders over the face,

beauty befalls the human race,

life will stop and show no trace…

 As My Mind Spins Off in Space.

original prose – tanyajo

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