Armin Morbach for Tush Magazine, Spring/Summer 2016

Armin Morbach shoots a freak-show of high fashion for Tush Magazine, S/S 2016. Camouflaged coverings entice and excite as the campaign of strange aims to take flight. A mutiny of makeup begins as Loni Baur corrals the chaos of neo-cosmetics to the page. Visionary imagery invites the fertile mind to grow, with abstract innovation designed to inspire. Breaking bad… the black netting brings a veiled overlay, with faux eyes glued outside, while red (real) lips radiant from inside. Watching spackle crack, Franzsika Stegemann screams into oblivion, as Kristina Pechenkina leaves shards of glass to feign a furious mask. Melanie Engel goes golden with metallic tin-foil, as Kristina Petrosiute appears prickly, with Auric pins poking straight from the skin. Getting her gladiator on, Petrosiute wears a half helmet covered in coins accompanied by copper discs that infer a goggled illusion. Racing down the center of the face, Franzi Frings’ mouth is painted shut, with a stark stripe screaming out in scarlet red. Cloaked in madness she hides under a clown guise, as a hoop hangs from Franzi’s nose. Walking on airJada Joyce, lets freedom reign with faux features covered in tiny, plastic heels. Under mummified (inspired) head garb, her entire eye area is painted black, while colors covering the mouth and chin resemble a rainbow. The art of extreme is caught in a dream as costumed attire drives the aesthetic machine.

Right between the eyes… seven needles puncture the skin, as Sandra Martens sits in a poetic head space, leaving healing crystals to encircle the entire area. Stelli Uschi Rabe works the dew into grand gestures of beauty, showing that the hair may play background, but the wild waves will never miss a beat. Pechenkina’s face slams silently against a window, allowing us to witness the pain of pretty. Granting access to insanity, costumes define the distinction of drama, by proving that nothing reflects sentiment of salvation better than the revelation of opposition.

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