Hayett McCarthy & Alina Levichkina, Amanda Charchian for Numéro June/July 2016

Hayett McCarthy & Alina Levichkina see through the clouds of creativity comes a moment of truth by Amanda Charchian for Numéro #174, June/July 2016. The fluid language of art and poetry speak, as the Goddess of beauty and light flow free. A journey of female empowerment comes alive, as we seek to find spirit of the modern woman. Sentient images ignite a passionate fury, as see-thru silk teases us into temptation. Stylist, Irina Marie, grants fashions the right to fall to the ground as light fabrics fly all around. A golden leotard grasps curvaceous body bends, letting red Lycra kiss every inch of skin. As ballerina bodices hug tight, chemise skirts flow through the night. Clothes are merely incidental as this story concentrates on the fluent nature of style. The artistry of naked makeup aims to become, as Loni Baur basks in the glory of gorgeous. Dueling beauty beckons us near, showing two sides of the same coin. While passion projects purity, powder perpetuates a glow. Sending feelings over the face, raw emotions erupt, leaving behind a highlighted hue. Letting a tinge of peach touch the lips – the mouth appears delicious. Alina takes it straight with a short dew that invites a masculine edge, while Hayett’s long, wavy hair radiates with romance. Ali Pirzadeh proves opposites attract, as the girls enjoy a little Grecian role play. An otherworldly sight sends sheer delight as eyes sparkle with life’s youthful edge.

Numéro-174-June-July-2016-Hayett-2Numéro-174-June-July-2016-Hayett- Numéro-174-June-July-2016-Hayett-1 Numéro-174-June-July-2016-Hayett-4 Numéro-174-June-July-2016-Hayett-McCarthy-Alina-Levichkina-by-Amanda-Charchian-01Numéro-174-June-July-2016-Hayett-McCarthy-Alina-Levichkina-by-Amanda-Charchian-08 Numéro-174-June-July-2016-Hayett-McCarthy-Alina-Levichkina-by-Amanda-Charchian-03 (1) Numéro-174-June-July-2016-Hayett-McCarthy-Alina-Levichkina-by-Amanda-Charchian-02 Numéro-174-June-July-2016-Hayett-McCarthy-Alina-Levichkina-by-Amanda-Charchian-05 Numéro-174-June-July-2016-Hayett-McCarthy-Alina-Levichkina-by-Amanda-Charchian-06