Viktoriya Sasonkina catches our eye, as one of the brave cover choices in “The Women Book” shot by Ryan Yoon for The GROUND, SS 2016. Art incites the insatiable need to feed… as creativity courses through her veins she explores the many avenues of possibility. Inwardly focused, one gets the sense that this is a girl always on life’s edge. Excuse the obtuse reference, but, sometimes the best way to describe someone is just to say what you see. Finding her way through art, modeling, writing and real estate, it’s clear she will never ache for interests. In truth, this kind of spinning subtext can take its toll, but let’s maintain some optimism. Young and full of fire, she has the kind of tempestuous spirit that will keep you guessing. Lisa Jarvis settles on two shades with styles that range from light to dark. Ethereal white evokes an underlying innocence, while the sturdiness of dark black gives her stable GROUND to roam. Spinning into infinite can be a compelling narrative, but it’s the opposing elements that give this story strength. There is a kind of artful aching to the beauty that is Sasonkina. Makeup changes face as Walter Obal builds color from clean to extreme. Her skin lays naked against a mirrored image reflecting the innocence of youth, as kohl-rimmed eyes invite us inside exposing the halls of her mind. Natural instincts glow into infinite letting lips be kissed with a pinkish hue. Poised to perfection, these pictures project confidence yet they convey a certain depth. Fighting to be free Yoon gives us insight into her dreams, as Viktoriya sees all, letting her Mind’s Eye be magnified larger than life.

The-Ground_Viktoriya7-Vik-S-Ground-Magazine-5 (1)The-Ground_Viktoriya7-Vik-S-Ground-Magazine-3-dbl7-Vik-S-Ground-Magazine-10-dbl7-Vik-S-Ground-Magazine-87-Vik-S-Ground-Magazine-147-Vik-S-Ground-Magazine-77-Vik-S-Ground-Magazine-127-Vik-S-Ground-Magazine-13the ground cover