Maxim Magazine

Aline Weber sizzles the senses in “Spellbound” by Gilles Bensimon for Maxim Magazine, August ’16. Triumphant beauty deigns to become as all things go wicked in the light of the sun. Her hypnotic stare says it all, but it’s really the luxe of her spellbinding lure that magnifies the senses. Not for the faint of heart, this is one fearsome female you don’t wanna cross. Evoking a presence that cannot be denied. Caroline Christiansson promotes the idea of otherworldly access, using designs that may decorate the story but don’t define the star. Curves follow the body as skin penetrates the soul, showing her state in all its natural glory. So intoxicating is her robust presence, each step takes us closer to the beautiful abyss that is, Aline. Deliciously wicked, shots teeter on the edge of empowerment as we walk into the wonders of womanly wiles. Red, white and black is all she needs as simple bathing-gear is shown in fearsome form. Weber stands bare back as she looks out over the lake, with thigh-high boots crawling up her legs. Skin is in... from all black bottoms and nothing on top, to a two-piece red suit with crystal encrusted, shin-high sh** kickers. Each image is more seductive than the last, as this girl knows how to bring the heat by basking in the glory of gorgeous. Too bronzed and too beautiful, her skin is topped with a sun-kissed tan giving her features an earthly glow. The subtle nature of each picture penetrates the page, as (Makeup Artist) Quinn Murphy brings the face into view. Exotic blue eyes invite us inside as intimacy projects powerful imagery. Soft shadow sneaks the spotlight as black liner steals the show. Giving us a nod to 90’s bombshells, Gareth Bromell captures the essence of the era, with blond hair that celebrates a sign of the times.

Maxim-August_2016-Aline_Weber-by_Gilles_Bensimon-01 (1) Maxim-August_2016-Aline_Weber-by_Gilles_Bensimon-03 (1) Maxim-August_2016-Aline_Weber-by_Gilles_Bensimon-04 (1) Maxim-August_2016-Aline_Weber-by_Gilles_Bensimon-05 (1) Maxim-August_2016-Aline_Weber-by_Gilles_Bensimon-06 Maxim-August_2016-Aline_Weber-by_Gilles_Bensimon-02Maxim-August_2016-Aline_Weber-by_Gilles_Bensimon-07 Maxim-August_2016-Aline_Weber-by_Gilles_Bensimon-08 (2) Maxim-August_2016-Aline_Weber-by_Gilles_Bensimon-09 Maxim-August_2016-Aline_Weber-by_Gilles_Bensimon-10Maxim USA - August 2016-1