Amilna Estevao in “Glitter Bomb” by Jason Kim for

Amilna Estevao lets her stunning features speak in “Glitter Bomb” by Jason Kim for Art glistens as glamour shines in this exquisite editorial designed to inspire. This isn’t about the projection of pretty, more, it sets out to define the decadence of display. Makeup Artist, Morgane Martini, invites us inside the intimate portrayal of cosmetic contact. To see… to feel… to touch… to taste, this story celebrates the sentient dreams of tomorrow. A vision of beauty blossoms as makeup plays like a band of brilliance. Her hands are soaked in silver sprinkles, as diamond doused fingers touch the tip of the lip. Golden hues light up the lids as pink glitter penetrates the space between the eyes. No beginning or end, colors congest as chromatic completions erupt in a scintillating splendor. Art exacts its intent, as millions of tiny crystals take on a masque like appearance. Iridescent pigments pass over the skin casting coruscation in striking distance. Hairstylist, Cecilia Romero, lets fiery locks burst free while a blue bud blossoms by the side of the ear. Azure and indigo highlights the dew as a floral phenomenon deigns to ensue. Flowers flourish as braided extensions stick straight up from Amilna’s head. Features are transformed.. as a fuselage of fire and ice collide in this intimate portrayal of life unleashed.

MDC_GLITTER_BEAUTY_02-1012x640 (1) MDC_GLITTER_BEAUTY_01-1-1012x1288Amilna Estevao in 'Glitter Bomb' by Jason Kim for 2MDC_GLITTER_BEAUTY_03-1012x1288Amilna Estevao in 'Glitter Bomb' by Jason Kim for 4Amilna Estevao in 'Glitter Bomb' by Jason Kim for 3Amilna Estevao in 'Glitter Bomb' by Jason Kim for 6