Anja Rubik, Bella Hadid & Andreea Diaconu in “Face Art” Mario Sorrenti for Vogue Paris 08/16

Anja Rubik, Bella Hadid, Andreea Diaconu bring the fury in “Face Art,” Mario Sorrenti for Vogue Paris, August 2016. The curtains are drawn as the music of face takes stage. This season’s flurry of fantasia comes to life as all things go crazy in the bright light of life. A call to creative arms. Beauty beckons us near as artful interpretations expose us to a nuanced approach to face art. By embracing the avant-garde edge, Peter Philips showcases one of the most intoxicating makeup montages we’ve seen this season. Primary colors pop off the page, proving there is no room for the subdued. Tones are rich in saturation while the bold, underlying message is that of purity. The application process is unique, but what gives these pictures power is that they run distinct. Don’t get me wrong… we have a plethora of flavors at our fingertips, a fact that has transformed neo-cosmetics into couture. However, sometimes you’re aching for beauty that can blast. One where the over arching theme is that of poised extreme. A difficult story to pull off, but here we see it done to perfection. Anna’s rich glare ignites the senses with a penetrating gaze that excites the soul.

Eyes are alive with a kind of hypnotic undertone, explored in a symphony of swirling shades. Pink and orange blast up through the brows, as lines surround the lids like faux glasses drawn in defiant black. Bella beguiles with silken shadow that flies like skies on the eyes. Blue’s the thing… as cobalt sits on lids blown up like a bubbled extension. Rubik revs things up with liquid sapphire covering her full lips, while a cerulean shade steals the spotlight. Andreea grabs the graphic illusion of optic art with thick, dark lines drawn above and below. The mouth screams to be seen from orange, pink, red, blue and green. Recine brings the pageantry of Playdough to life, with bright sticks plastered in haute hat form. A square piece of millinery felt sits high above Hadid’s head, as black leather pours over Anna in liquid form, and a chic visor jets out just above her forehead. The last image makes such an impression with Bella in profile as a significant symbol sits on one side of her face. While it doesn’t portray the female sign to perfection, the spirit of the modern woman is felt in poetry of picture.

Vogue_Paris-August_2016-01-Anja_Rubik-by-Mario_Sorrenti (2) Vogue_Paris-August_2016-06-Andreea_Diaconu-by-Mario_Sorrenti (2) Vogue_Paris-August_2016-03-Bella_Hadid-by-Mario_Sorrenti (2) Vogue_Paris-August_2016-05-Andreea_Diaconu-by-Mario_Sorrenti Vogue_Paris-August_2016-02-Anja_Rubik-by-Mario_Sorrenti (1) Vogue_Paris-August_2016-04-Bella_Hadid-by-Mario_Sorrenti (1)