Larissa Hofmann by Marcus Ohlsson for Harper’s Bazaar Germany, June/July 2016

Larissa Hofmann celebrates the resplendence of light in “Potpourri Fur Alle Sinne” by Marcus Ohlsson for Harper’s Bazaar Germany, June/July 2016. The face takes the place of a canvas as color is cast over the page. Each image ejects a sense of surrealism, while it wanders onto the optical edge. The mutiny of makeup begins, as Fredrik Stambro invites us to experience the fusion of features. Separate they are tiny speckles, but together they form a righteous illusion of being. Peacock blue lights up the lids, while specs of chromatic shades start a skin show that glows. Powdered into oblivion, each image is transformed, artfully evolving into something unique. Symbolic imagery suggests a kind of neo-cosmetic tone, whereby the dust of humanity falls in dreamlike wonder. The chaos of modernity melts allowing makeup to become more like a masque. Pink swipes a stripe down the cheek, as tiny piles of crystals and cream mark the territory. Pretty is pulverized into a powder of plenty, as primary colors pop off the skin. Beauty beckons us near as the face is finished with a blast of brilliance. Pieces of broken lipstick are stuck to the mouth, as red pigment lays in protest. Languishing in the land of luminosity, techno tones take over, as each picture personifies the notion of abstract art. A cacophony of colors ache for independence as neon shades seek common ground. In your face photography has never been so literal, with forced perspective shots that show us a new way to see. By not focusing on the (so-called) big picture, we are able to consider what I refer to as the “reality of the underwritten”. That’s to say, the art of truth is found in the reality of what moves us… to really see is to truly be.

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