Stella Lucia by Txema Yeste for Numéro #175 August 2016

Stella Lucia shows we are all but small creatures on a grand scale in “Extase” by Txema Yeste for Numéro #175, August 2016. Earth, Air, Fire and Water explode as this story celebrates the four earthly elements. Particular units contain unique and uncommon properties, which all work together to create a united universe. Earth’s body beckons us near as we explore the four elemental approaches to truth. A fusion of such traits allows us to free ourselves from the concept of good vs. evil, as the power of this piece embraces life’s essence. Fire can take you from vigorous passion to zealous wrath without pause, while water evokes a kind of modest devotion that can emote indolent indifference. Balance is key. The art of authentic acceptance allows us to be who we are, while we simultaneously seek higher ground. Stylist, Tallulah Harlech, uses a dramatic backdrop to lift designs in a dynamic way. This isn’t merely fashion shown in its highest form, rather, these independent pieces project strength. In one of the most significant shots of the season, Txema creates a vision, whereby, Stella appears to be laying on the sun’s surface. Earth’s light extends from the center of her body honoring humanities’ first home.

Screaming from within Victor Alvarez captures the inner fire with poetic perfection. Like a statue slowly cracking, the skin is covered in what appears to be paint breaking up. Features ignite with a kind of passionate overflow, empowering each as a symbol of strength. The eyes are marked with a stripe of yellow as the mouth is covered in a brilliant red. Floating in a shallow pool, her hypnotic stare draws us inside, while submerged in water we see her bright lips light the way. Powder presents otherworldly hues while pink blush flushes the cheeks in a gorgeous glow. Beauty finds balance, as a snake crawls up the side of Stella’s face, stopping only to project poetic harmony. Soichi Inagaki follows the fluid motion of the story with hair flowing through the scene. Not merely independent pieces projected, this is imagery bonded in faith. Emanating from the Sacral Chakra, art celebrates the ultimate mind/body connection. The sun explodes showing it’s sacred spirit, as Lucia lies on her back, as a beam projects from within. Facing her fears, she stands inside a ring of fire as light emanates from her third eye.

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