#StyleShootDraw by Nick Knight Shot for SHOWstudio and Garage Magazine

Molly Bair & Jazzelle Zanaughtti (aka Posh Splice) go live, as they are set to take the classroom stage in #StyleShootDraw by Nick Knight for SHOWstudio and Garage Magazine, 06/07 ’16. Knight brings together 20 of today’s top illustrators for the first ever, Facebook Live Broadcast. Fine art meets high fashion as this mega talented group gathers for a two-day, luxury life drawing class. Each model will move, one at a time, to the drawing-room where artists to include; Frida Wannerberger, Richard Kilroy and Helen Bullock will transfer their likeness to the page. Seeking stimulus is one thing, yearning for visual inspiration is all together different. One is a passive notion, the other is an active interaction that requires involvement. Stylists, Charlotte Stockdale & Katie Lyall (Chaos Fashion) introduce a selection of haute designs, so dynamic, each piece deserves as moment to shine. By offering themselves up in direct physical form, these brave models breech the barriers of common photography. Watching their lithe body’s go limp, truth moves as each limb responds to verbal cues. In this world of hyper animated clicks that stick, this may sound simple, but I say no way. To unleash the beauty we must be willing to face the beast. The very definition of conceptual creativity asks that we move from merely spectators, to active participants. Works come to life as we watch each artiste play like a virtuoso composer. Posh Splice lights up the night with a beaded cape overlay, while thigh-high (sh*t kickin’) boots are topped with a python bodysuit/bolero match. Dressed to defy these phenoms of fashion need to fly. Molly Bair mystifies in Moschino, a model to the core she moves through each room like an exalted muse.

Nude beauty has arrived as Lisa Eldridge bleaches the brows into oblivion. A blending of sheer beauty has arrived, as Bair wears one of the most exciting new-eyes of the season. Black liner creates an arc over the lid, effortlessly moving into an extended wing, as Eldridge draws with determination daring to reveal today’s new tone. Nothing less than amazing, the look is expressive while still maintaining the nuance of nude. A forward facade comes alive under the spotlight, as neo-naked makeup is cast over the skin. Bringing extreme into the fold black lipstick is daring to behold. Sam McKnight’s coiffured creations capture the imagination, with looks that are extravagance define. Bair’s hair goes from straight-up punk to a big, bouffant blast, while Posh gets a silver sheen & Yasmin’s dew is a darkened dream. Enticing imagery invites us to see that we are all witness to something savagely unique. Energy erupts, as each model slinks through the scene like an animal seeking its prey. In one of the most expansive shoots of the season – this story takes me to another place. The movement of this powerful piece is storied for immediate access, as live art meets modern modeling for a merging of the miraculous. SHOWstudio taps some of today’s top models to take us through this labyrinth, from inception to completion, these style soldiers show us how it’s done.

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