Frances Coombe in “Violettes Visions” by Steven Pan for

Frances Coombe captures the motion of makeup in “Violettes Vision” by Steven Pan for Art reflects the music of the mind, as this story celebrates our freedom to be exactly whom we are meant to be. Transforming shapes from makeup to muse, Violette takes a contrasting approach to the structure of application. Blue castes a hue over the page throwing us into a hypnotic rage, while colors are made to mimic paint sending a message of strength. Her hand is held up to her neck, as cobalt crashes over the skin. Like a waterfall washing down the front of her body, blue drips into unzipped jeans. Pastel passes over the chest, making its way down the side her stomach, as yellow paint is covered by a bright pink hue, only exposed through the linear marks that surround her features. The French Connection comes alive as we see the undeniable influence of her hometown beauty regime. Being very hands on gives her the ability to see beyond the perfect and get to the poetic. Raw in her approach to modernity, Violette ventures free. Like a mad scientist she works in her laboratory, “mixing and boiling until she gets the perfect consistency.” “While others rely mostly on brand names, almost all of her pigments, paints, and gelatins are arduously custom blended on set, in a technique she calls cooking.” OTC (Outta the Closet) looks inspire our sense of independence, with styles that speak to who we are now. Fashion spreads its wings, flying to a place where color’s influence can’t be denied. Jessica dos Remedios delivers jeans designed by Rachel Comey, a frayed jacket created by Maryam Nassir Zadeh, washed out Levis from Where I Was From and vintage jeans by Brownstone Cowboys. Wearing what looks like a purple shirt she sits in on the cement street, artfully exposing her neo-naked self. Coombe cries out with one single, glittered tear streaming down her gentle skin. The language of love is written in grace artfully composed over the front of her face. Pros are exposed in the passion of plenty as glitter dusts the bottom of her feet.

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