Hana Jirickova by Hunter & Gatti for Vogue Ukraine, August 2016

Hana Jirickova uses the body to articulate in “Painted in Colors” shot by Hunter & Gatti for Vogue Ukraine, August 2016. Body is the palate and paint is the guide, in this exquisite editorial that explores the art of expression. Primordial eccentricities evoke a sense of strength as we witness a woman finding her inner self. This is no story of wizardry, this is a tale of truth. The female rises forth, from the ashes of insecurity to embody the camouflage of creativity. A pronouncement of poetry done with the body, Hana invites us inside for a look at the evolution of imagination. Olga Yanul uses fashion as an exquisite backdrop with looks by Alexandre Vauthier, Calvin Klein, Max Mara, Neda TahniatPeter Pilotto & Proenza Schouler. Styles arise from a place deep inside as painted colors appear as if they are bourne of pure beauty. Passion grows as energy flows, allowing people to attach themselves to a more fluid format. Tapping into instinct invites the excessive nature of humanity to evaporate. Designs define rather than detract with each image using fabrics as a source of intrigue.

The human body becomes a pallet as Mayia Alleaume mixes the music of makeup with the surface of the skin. Body paint blends itself over the features in this fusion of art and excess. Seeing her feelings go from clean to extreme, a naked face begins with a simple white liner drawn under the eyes & pale pink tinting the lips. We watch her begin in righteous indignation as she drags her arm over her mouth, as the red burns her hands and cheeks. Mutiny takes hold as boldness descends upon the skin from every angle. Blue, black, pink & green race over the face leaving in its wake a flag of ferocity. Hana gathers her darkest instincts, as noir slides over the skin only to be outweighed by the intensity in her eyes. Mayia invites the nuance of such feelings to arise as she makes way for the aire of aggression. Exposing the natural elements of intensity is one of the healthiest emotions you can reflect. These are truths that reside in every person. Paint runs over the face and down the neck, only to be met by hands completely covered in a similar color. Her right palm is held out as a sign to halt, while her eyes beckon us near. Opposites quite certainly attract in this exquisite image meant to send mixed signals. Nabil Harlow lets tresses speak, working in unison yet flying free. The fire in this brave female reminds us that every instinct serves a purpose.

Vogue-Ukraine-Beauty-August-2016-Hana-Jirickova-by-Hunter-and-Gatti-03 (1) Vogue-Ukraine-Beauty-August-2016-Hana-Jirickova-by-Hunter-and-Gatti-01 (1)Vogue-Ukraine-Beauty-August-2016-Hana-Jirickova-by-Hunter-and-Gatti-05 (1) Vogue-Ukraine-Beauty-August-2016-Hana-Jirickova-by-Hunter-and-Gatti-04 (1)Vogue-Ukraine-Beauty-August-2016-Hana-Jirickova-by-Hunter-and-Gatti-02 Vogue-Ukraine-Beauty-August-2016-Hana-Jirickova-by-Hunter-and-Gatti-07 (1)Vogue-Ukraine-Beauty-August-2016-Hana-Jirickova-by-Hunter-and-Gatti-06Vogue-Ukraine-August-2016-Hana-Jirickova-by-Hunter-Gatti-1