Lara Stone in “Athletic Girl” by Steven Klein for Vogue Italia, August 2016

Lara Stone embodies the strength of a super-hero and seductive skills of a femme fatale in “Athletic Girl” by Steven Klein for Vogue Italia, August 2016. If women ruled the world, could we but blend the soft and sour with hard-hitting power? Wearing a leopard skin coat draped over half of her body, this brave beauty sits on bended knee with back to camera, only to leave her naked side exposed. Red, bottomed heels and matching leather gloves grab our attention, as she faces the fence with words all but gone. Her hair is twisted up in a proper bun, with the nape of her neck exposed, allowing us to see her curvaceous flow. Stylist, Patti Wilson, works the scene with decadence so defined it will bring you to the edge. Avant-garde fashion finds its way, from a gorgeous gladiator to modern day Matrix muse. Opposites attract, with a tulle skirt topped by a black bustier, to a nylon jumpsuit bejeweled and baring exposed breasts. Art escapes the reigns of rigors as we take a trip down the lane of the lascivious. Holding up the honey’s, Stone shows her strength as she bares the brunt of so many male beauties. Costumed attire captures our attention, as the power of her mere presence seems to make men weak. Staring straight to camera, Lara lifts a leather coach like one would wave a feather.

Diane Kendal uses the features of her face to tell a story of modern grace. While this character passes through a number of unique costume changes, what stays the same, is her makeup. Dark eyes are defined, with brows so bleached you can’t tell where they end and the powdered skin begins. Faux lashes line the top, while the bottom lid is left totally blank. Tomorrow’s look is here today as red revs things up with lips that don’t just speak, they scream. Light transforms, leaving pictures to change from color to black/white. No longer are we looking at the brilliance of bold shades, rather we are walking in the center of celluloid magic. Hairstylist, Shon, introduces us to a drove of diva’s that are all dressed to kill. Wearing out each role, Lara gives us a peek into the power of the Wig. Anna is authentic with real, blonde hair that begs our attention, while, Elena’s short, red style is sweet as she throws a man off the balcony. Olga, reminds us of a Russian spy, with a dark dew so stunning, she can take someone down with just one look, while, Svetlana’s platinum wig is made for a bad-ass bitch. Capturing a mid-air kiss, romance floats, as his body rises off the ground in adoration. Stone summons the strength of many, as she bares the weight with just one arm. Like so many women that have come before her, she finds that physical potency lives in the mind. Alas, I let go, only to see my love crash over the cold cement.

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