The Daily Summer

Lara Stone shows us the sensual side of summer in “Luxury is Love” shot by Sebastian Faena for The Daily Summer Issue, August 2016. Faena lets us take a ride through his mind as he explores the idea of LuxurySofia Achaval de Montaigu invites the intimacy of Stone’s elegance by utilizing the artistry of her body. Each shot celebrates the sensuality of summer, with styles that capture the curves of her form. Dressed in all black, bathing gear takes new form from DSquared2, Chanel, Eres, Maison Close, Wolford, Zimmermann & more. Shot at the Faena Hotel in Miami Beach, this story brings beauty to the beach. Summer fashion finds a place to flourish by reminding us to cover-up can be a most seductive sentiment. Ayami Nishimura keeps the face natural with subtle color that screams to be seen. Like a background beat bringing each line into the spotlight, makeup is used to mimic the music of the face. Light lashes keep us on trend, with a brush of bronze over the lids that highlights green eyes. Cheeks are pinched with a peachy hue as the face is powdered to beyond perfection. Milky, white skin spreads down the whole of her body, with a touch of color that sets off a soft pallor. Lips exude an otherworldly glow with a tone that looks as if they’ve been just-bitten. Big and full of flavor the mounds of this girls mouth makes you believe (in something). Teddy Charles handles the hair with stunning aplomb, as he cajoles it into a relaxed form. Her hair plays like a sensual symphony, with wild waves that ride like the wind and wet locks that fall just right. Sexy with a dose of cool, Lara bounces around with a large pair of bunny ears. Moving away from “Bombshell Beauty” this story celebrates the woman within. “Luxury is the freedom to be unique and have ideas of your own”. A truth we often take for granted, however, the very concept of creative freedom is something to be cherished. Read Faena’s compelling overture to inner art in, “An Essay on Luxury“.

The-Daily-Summer-August-4-2016-Lara-Stone-by-Sebastian-Faena-01The-Daily-Summer-August-4-2016-Lara-Stone-by-Sebastian-Faena-02 The-Daily-Summer-August-4-2016-Lara-Stone-by-Sebastian-Faena-00The-Daily-Summer-August-4-2016-Lara-Stone-by-Sebastian-Faena-06 The-Daily-Summer-August-4-2016-Lara-Stone-by-Sebastian-Faena-05The-Daily-Summer-August-4-2016-Lara-Stone-by-Sebastian-Faena-04 The-Daily-Summer-August-4-2016-Lara-Stone-by-Sebastian-Faena-03The-Daily-Summer-August-4-2016-Lara-Stone-by-Sebastian-Faena-07The-Daily-Summer-August-4-2016-Lara-Stone-by-Sebastian-Faena-08The-Daily-Summer-August-4-2016-Lara-Stone-by-Sebastian-Faena-09 The Daily Summer Luxury Issue Staring Lara Stone