Lotte van Noort in “The Lovely Excess” Shot by Nicolous Coloumb for Novembre Magazine, S/S 2016

Lotte van Noort is like a flower in full bloom by Nicolas Coulomb for Novembre Issue #10, S/S 2016. Lips seek what silence speaks… in the unknown secrets that people keep. Isamaya Ffrench leads us down the pathway of promise in this exquisite tale of truth uncovered. Makeup is poured over the skin like so much paint finding its rightful home, as color cascades over each feature taking on a distorted display. Faux lines are drawn in defiance as creative configurations form a cacophony of shapes. The evolution of high art hits the face as brows become all but erased. Altered patterns project a profound change, as straight lines go diagonal, giving the facade a tilted illusion. Elena Veleckaite fashions her modeling debut with a pictorial that translates like portraits being painted. Icy, blue shadow is followed by a flash of pink cheek, as bright yellow coloring is spread over both temples. Lilac eyes come alive with purple extending the full length of the lids, while a deep magenta makes the look complete with a flat color covering the lips.

The skin begins an avant-garde embrace as Erin/Mari Mommsen reflect familial features. Mari sits in artful revelry as Satoko Watanabe exposes the beauty of her bulbous lips. Wearing a unique art-piece that spells out the name, Novembre, the choker says it all as her mouth is made to look faux. While the moment of madness has arrived with a cover, so intoxicating, we need to sip it slowly so we don’t get too tipsy. Florence Tétier explores “The Lovely Excess” as the face comes alive with exotic flavor. Reveling in red, the tenor of this haute tamale burns with beauty, as Lotte van Noort is muy caliente. Scarlet slaps its shade over the side of the face, and then drags and drops it indiscriminately over the eyelids. Crimson casts a similar color across the lips, allowing it to bleed over the top. Giving us a taste of this season’s fine flair, Coulomb embodies the fire of the female spirit. Don’t wait for the future to find your calling, the moment is now to make your truth known. I bite down on the bitter reality that surrounds me, only to feel my teeth turning to dust. I ache to uncover… I long to discover… the lustful longings of tomorrows today.

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