Molly Bair by Jeff Bark for Numéro #176, September 2016

Molly Bair becomes one with the city in “Seule dans la Ville” by Jeff Bark for Numéro #176, September 2016. The soul of the city speaks as the music moves to the sounds of the streets. Wielding her worth Bair beckons… from behind the walls art evolves, around in every corner lurks a shadow that speaks. The city comes alive symbolizing the beauty of every brick. Not the sky-scraping buildings or even the low-rise structures – this celebrates the architecture of the urban jungle. Vintage intention is devoured as decadence divines the cinema of style. Irina Marie mixes the music of the city with the beat of the street, as fluid fashions find their way home. Taking us back to the decade of desire, designs speak, as soul sounds are found in the concert of couture. Borrowing from the sleekness of the 70’s, her long, lean body delivers the art of era swapping. The mysterious of life are the lunacy you behold with shots that find you deeper in the fold.

Bold tones dance across the face as we feel the fire in this fall from grace. Weeping walls of Summer sing a sad so-long, and there we wait with bated breath for the arduous ache of Autumn’s song. Neon eyes mystify as Erin Parsons leaves no regard for cosmetic limitations. Beauty bursts out as shadows swoop in, fusing the colors in a green and pink collusion. Settling into a righteous hue, the lure of this shade makes its way up/over the brow bone, diving down inside the corner eye. Light lashes follows this seasons’ trend, while a cheek blush and a lip flush finish this face out. This electrifying application captures the imagination, reminding us of the makeup trends that made the 70’s chic. Diego Da Silva swoops hair up into a vintage twist with baby hairs sticking to the skin. Bark celebrates from cement to cinder, honoring every details of this graphic overlay. A solemn stare is what you will bare when you look into your truth.

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jeffbark, mollybair, fashion, numero, numeromagazine, newyorkcity, newyork, rockaways, valentino, irina, schoolfloat

jeffbark, mollybair, fashion, numero, numeromagazine, newyorkcity, newyork, rockaways, valentino, irina, schoolfloat