Viola Podkopaeva by Miles Aldridge for Numéro #176, September 2016

Viola Podkopaeva wears pieces fit for a queen in “Rei Kawakubo, Reine De L’Avant-Garde” by Miles Aldridge for Numéro #176, September 2016. Since its inception in 1969, Comme des Garçons, has been at the forefront of future fashion. Rei Kawakubo revolutionized the industry by introducing the art of storytelling to the business of style. A designer known for her ability to transform. Fashion, face and photography come together to form this fusion of the future. Artists move ahead as Aldridge invites the likes of forward thinkers to tell their truths, unveiled. The most compelling part of this exercise is in allowing yourself to be propelled by the action of others, but not overtaken by their dreams. That gives you the opportunity to feel your authentic self. Venturing into the depths of your own veracity, visiting an intimate place I do call ~ the truth triumph. To simultaneously overcome and underwrite, that is the ability to be both inside and out. Miles goes on a quest to uncover the quintessential fortress of faith.

At every instance of exchange there comes an element of transfer, whereby, we are forced to integrate our intellectual side with an artistic overlay – or vise/versa.  There is a situation that accounts for every selection, and every element (of that selection) is essential. People might see these creations and get the idea that she is designing items to be ogled not clothes to be worn. Nothing could be further from the truth. While her works speak to a decidedly more artistic palate, each piece is a projection of truth. This translates to wearing these creations with pride not as a pseudo billboard. Samuel François finds the height of high fashion in the folds of haute couture. Comme des Garçons tells a compelling story of strength as each piece speaks to the power of persuasion. Kawakubo’s ultimate intent is to make you feel rather than forget. To form a connection between you and society, a forged union where “you occasionally wear something that makes you feel strong and strange.” And to that end, passion plays an integral part. Decadence is redefined as each piece projects something new, while fluid fabrics fall over the body and colors catch the wisdom of four winds. Those are the details that drive her designs home. Consumed by the eye adorned by the connoisseur, clothing is ultimately made to be worn.

Excess is met in her ethereal skin as avant-garde beauty beckons within. A master of makeup, Lucy Bridge, brings her focused vision to this vibrant landscape. Viola’s face reveals a romantic appearance with features that project a porcelain doll. Natural brows float on high flying above like eyes in the sky. Lids are left empty and lashes are but free as No Makeup fulfills our naked fantasy. The renaissance vibe comes alive as echos of alabaster take a dream dive. The drama of decadence dares to delight, as nude orbs are but pillows on a face bed of white. Powdered to Perfection… cheeks create a cherub like innocence, while sprite lights ignite in the pink of her pallor. Dawn illuminates a rosy flush captured in a vibrant blush, as lips exude a peachy hue mimicked in a mouth bud view. Tina Outen builds haute headpieces, appearing as if they’ve been spun on a pottery wheel. Big, bouffant wig-works are molded into a main of mutiny, as colors are cast in a canvas of crazy. Wigged-Out and Wonderful, a frizzy mix of neon highlights are back-combed into a frothy fro, as Victorian excess is caught in a coiffured hair-nest. Unbound by the burdens of purity ~ beauty is met when passions truest forces are set free.

Numero-France-176-September-2016-Rei-Kawakubo-Comme-des-Garçons-Viola-Podkopaeva-by-Miles-Aldridge-04Numero-France-176-September-2016-Rei-Kawakubo-Comme-des-Garçons-Viola-Podkopaeva-by-Miles-Aldridge-03 (1) Numero-France-176-September-2016-Rei-Kawakubo-Comme-des-Garçons-Viola-Podkopaeva-by-Miles-Aldridge-02 Numero-France-176-September-2016-Rei-Kawakubo-Comme-des-Garçons-Viola-Podkopaeva-by-Miles-Aldridge-01 (1)