Ilvie Wittek by Katja Mayer for Numéro Magazine, September 2016

Ilvie Wittek faces the underlying fire that burns deep inside shot by Katja Mayer for Numéro Magazine, September 2016. The burnt embers of our past seek a stronger future, as smoldering sections signify the unspeakable pain we’ve endured as a people. Destruction is portrayed in charred pieces strewn across the floor, as wood is transformed into a tinderbox of tragedy. Construct controls chaos leaving us with the ravaging remnants of a once flaming inferno. Interpretation plays a part as we venture into the world of high art. Sleek styles speak to the 70’s, with looks I refer to as the leotard-nation. A sign is sought a girl is caught, in this mind-bending story that mimics the manic momentum of life. Once the paper tiger is conquered – then and only then – will we be on the road to artful recovery. Cinnamon colored raindrops dipped in chocolate covered dreams a creative tale is taken to the extreme. Samuel François delivers designs that divide our attention with patterns that got their start in the decade of decadence. Clean skin is the thing as Lucy Bridge transforms this piece into a spectacle of salvation. Naked eyes are framed with stand-out brows, serving stunning arches that are severe to behold. Nude features glow giving powder a strong presence, allowing red lips to radiate and darkness to devour. Seductive mouth shades captivate our senses while beguiling face tones fulfill our every fantasy. Art goes up-in-smoke as we find ourselves affected by the unforeseen element of agony. Standing on a chair with a sledgehammer in hand, Ilvie breaks down the walls of injustice.. To Set the Soul Free.

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