Issa Lish in “Charmed” by Emma Summerton for Vogue Germany, October 2016

Issa Lish and Mali Koopman are bewitching in “Charmed” by Emma Summerton for Vogue Germany, October 2016. Honoring the spirit of the great female painter, Gertrude Abercrombie, this story echos her unique thematic range. Wonderfully wicked, Summerton takes us on an enchanting trip through the cinema of sorcery. Patti Wilson matches the sparsely furnished interiors with fashions that give magic a sense of modernity. Through the work of power and precision her pieces project a sense of inspiration. Concentrating her efforts on the idea of duality her designs blend old-world decor with a new found flavor. Set Designer, Viki Rutsch, gives the story a sense of unification, as somber shades flood the page and lavender lights rush over the scene. Draped in a series of long, flowing gowns… Lish wears see-thru teal while Mali’s dress is done in sheer, black fabric. Avant-garde styling combines squashed velvet, checkered fur, a denim jacket and long, leather gloves. While, a leopard-skin, swing coat falls in a semi-circle around Koopman’s back. Wearing similar attire, this dynamic duo stands in the desert of darkness, with an Owl perched at each girl’s feet. With a faux moon overhead, they are face to face, wearing a black caplet combined with a top hat. The art of ethereal ecstasy takes hold as one wears lace-up boots proper while the other’s in ankle booties divine.

Creatures of the night arise, as these nocturnal beings carry with them a level of mystery and magic. The White Faced Owl projects a sense of spirit, artfully emanated in their silent wisdom. A mysterious and beautiful bird, Marla Belt’s makeup mimics the magic of the owl. Issa’s deep eyes are alive with jet-black liner, surrounding the entire lid with extreme intent. Skin shines bright leaving behind beauty so intoxicating it can’t be overstated. As nude toned lips simultaneously stand out as luminosity looms in the power of the pout. Luke Chamberlain builds a series of haute, hair toppers from wide-brimmed bowlers and firm fedoras to a proper, purple boater and a beguiling busby. “Abercrombie’s art often featured a woman standing alone surrounded by the attributes of sorcery.” Paying homage to females fighting to free their inner spirit, we elevate and exalt you in your search to find yourselves.

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