Jazelle Zanaughtti by Nick Knight for AnOther Magazine, F/W 2016-17

Jazelle Zanaughtti captures the allure of “Comme des Garçons” by Nick Knight for AnOther Magazine, F/W 16-17. The landscape of lunacy has been transformed in this collision course of creativity. Enter the wonderful world of Rei Kawakubo, as we explore the ethereal illusions of Comme des Garçons. A stimulating story designed to excite the senses, SHOWstudio.com invites us inside the topography of the mind. Knight’s ability to be both here and there is a remarkable talent. To transport us to another time, while adhering to the rules of this world, is phenomenal on the face of it. Katie Shillingford dares to capture the compelling nature of couture, by honoring every detail of construction. Haute fashion is unmasked giving us the sentient experience of something new. Florid thoughts fall like rain as dreams come down and flood my brain. A vision unparalleled, Shillingford gets us to look at each piece from a new perspective. Altered works are brought to life by the multi-dimensional fabrication of every scene. A blending of the beautiful, Jazelle steps into another sphere while still standing firm within this realm.

The excess of intrigue is perceived as Isamaya Ffrench takes us to the next level. Beyond makeup, this echoes the artistry of the imagination. While appearing (on the face of it) as being naked, we see her skin is transformed. An angelic energy emanates from within as she undergoes a metamorphosis. Brows are begone, letting the alien-like look take over. Changing the way beauty behaves, lids and lashes are left empty, while ethereal shadow makes the orbital area shine. Forward features take the plunge, as a purple hue cries from under the eyes forming ripe, peach cheeks. An otherworldly glow generates from within as soft, pink lips radiate youth. The Head’s the Thing… as Ffrench redefines the idea of tactile energy by predicating this piece on the concept of physical poetry. This isn’t just paint slapped on skin, this is vibrancy brought to life by the placement of passion. Exquisite flowers are not made so simply just because they are sitting on the scalp, rather, they emanate a kind of inner power. Palms Connect as Female Spirit Speaks, Telling Us, The Time is Now To Honor Ourselves as Women.

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