Kendall Jenner by Luigi & Iango for Vogue Germany, October 2016

Kendall Jenner is “So Schön so chic” in the New Cool issue shot by Luigi + Iango for Vogue Germany, October 2016. This “It Girl” can legitimately call this series a, Vogue Cover Run. Kendall is featured proudly this Fall, with a compilation of covers to include Germany, Japan and Australia with the crown jewel… The September IssueTom Van Dorpe brands this girl, beyond cool, in a blending of high & low that has her wearing a mix of Miu Miu, Prada and Helmut Lang. Decadence devours the senses as an artistic vision overtakes the space. Avant-garde fashions eclipse the scene with styles that invite us into a dark dream. Day-wear done with a wink, gets the party going with pieces piled on for good measure. The art of darkness prevails, as this eclectic vision protests the plight of plain pretty. Gone are the days of average this is the time for finding our true depth.

So Schön is so very chic, Georgi Sandev frames the features by giving us a taste of true temptation. The Brows are One Thing… by taking away the commonality of the curve we instead go more toward the forward straight line. Her black eyes beguile with a large winged shape that screams out the sides. Keeping on trend, mascara is minus, as modern makeup gets an overhaul. Caught in the tenebrous yearnings of the light, nebulous shadows rule the night. Angelic skin has been defiled as dark beauty begs to beguile. Powdered to perfection, her somber stare lures us in as the misty clouds of mutiny deign to begin. The Mouth is the Other Thing… as deep, red defines one shape, tones shift, morphing into a black cherry shade that lures the lips. Luigi Mureno pulls the hair off her face molding her dew into a state of sheer fantasy. A moody mix of art and pleasure, to see beyond this story is to see the truth of our future. This tale it teases us into the night tempting me through with exquisite delight… the state of extreme is found in our dreams as all thing go silent in the center of our screams. prose – tj

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