Lindsey Wixson by Amanda Charchian for Garage Magazine, F/W 2016-17

Lindsey Wixson opens her body to the “Bare Necessities” by Amanda Charchian in Garage Magazine, F/W 2016-17. A triumph of the senses is heightened as Lindsey becomes one with the Isle of Greece. Her mind is open and her body is set free as she finds herself seduced by the sounds of the sea. Not burdened by clothing, here we witness a woman totally at peace with her connection to the universe. Seeking emancipation, she drops robe, allowing herself to become one with the sun. Facing the water we begin to imagine fluid sounds as it breaks against the lands edge. Tati Cotliar masters the craft of accessorizing while pictures project a creative connection. Drafted in diagonal dissent each squared formation fits to perfection, while still seeking a way to stand out. Freeing her spirit we see her external self open up, while her mental world is still closed off. Indicated by the collar that’s wrapped around her neck. Wixson is bound by the lines of architecture, while longing to be free from angled perfection.

Like a bird waiting to take flight, she stands with one foot resting atop her skateboard, while the other is ready to race. At peace with her center she stands ready to face her future. Using the illusion, Peter Philips lets the sweeping backdrop become the beginning of all beauty. The scale and scope of the story is overwhelming, but when we take each image separately we are able to see something unique. Fantasy is formed as each picture projects a dream of mounted desire. Soft colors kiss the tips of her features as to not upset the balance of visual harmony. The face is the focus of freedom, with a soft peach tone exciting the eyes and bright orange spreading over the lips. Art becomes, from ballerina flats that flirt up her feet to a black, square butterfly bag that steals the show. Standing erect she hold’s a sparkling YSL handbag behind her bare back as her nude body appears to float over the sea. Going with the Flow… the fluid nature of her surroundings settles into her soul.

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