“The Sorennti Series” by Mario Sorrenti for CR Fashionbook #9, Fall/Winter 2016

Carine Roitfeld layers with flavor in “The Sorrenti Series” by Mario Sorrenti for CR Fashionbook #9, F/W 2016. A portfolio of excess is artfully exposed as Fernanda Ly, Joan Smalls, Imaan Hammam & Avery Blanchard bring forth a fusion of high fashion. Fantasy is unfiltered as each picture penetrates the page. Roitfeld leads us through lunacy as style is transformed into a surplus of strange. Leaving behind the antiquated idea of pretty this becomes a story of sheer stimulation. Designs collide in a manic mix from KenzoGucciCavalliCapezioMarc Jacobs and Proenza Schouler. A Chanel choker moves into a full frontal, pearl overlay as the body is bejeweled in rich fabrics, fine furs and feathered boas. Reveling in richness, excessive accouterments invite extreme into the scene.

An Arsenal of Tom Ford Beauty erupts, as Kanako Takase celebrates with shine. Small’s takes a ride on the raucous side as golden lids sizzle and glittered features shine. Celebrating the 70’s, Imaan’s eyes come alive with shadows and lips that scream to be seen. Cosmetic art stirs the senses inviting arousing imagery to redefine beauty boundaries. Fernanda’s face gets radiant as decadence devours the skin, making modern makeup fun again. Sparkles shimmer to infinite with circles seen in multi-colored splendor. Akki sections coiled hair straight up from the scalp, wrapped in ribbons like a call to coiffure arms. Sorrenti lets each page play with poetic passion, leading forth to a creative crescendo. Taking a bite outta’ shine… barriers begone as blue glitter is spread over Ly’s bright, white teeth.

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