“The New Black” by Karolis Kaminskas for Models.com

Nastya Kusakina & Ling Liu invite the night to rise in “The New Black” shot by Karolis Kaminskas for Models.com. The art of noir feeds the music of melancholy as dynamic pictures exalt our inner power. Spellbinding secrets cast a spell unlocking the mysteries of the mind. Lauren Tischler finds the most fluid form of fashion in the absence of excess. Defined by darkness, the signature of stately attire is captured in the unification of all black. The theater of makeup commences as Allie Smith presents us with a skin show unlike we’ve seen. Riding high through the night sky striking eyes invite us to fly. Optical art explores the vivid side of life, with avant-garde looks that master the modernity of makeup. Morphing masks true identity, allowing these mutant models to come into character. The pupils play a part as Nastya’s eyes are all black as we fall into the center of her soul. Are they real or are they apart of the Cyborg nation? Liquid shadow ventures into another world, where the term “Face Paint” has never been used in such a literal sense. Splashes of black begin to take over, luring us into her web of weirdness. Ling appears like a creature from another planet with rough, skin fusing over her forehead. Takayoshi Tsukisawa transforms his hair works into pieces of poetry, with sculpted dews that capture the concept of coiffure. An aphotic overcast clouds the room as strangeness signifies a shift in mood. Tenebrous yearnings are obscured by the night as glitter erupts in the absence of light. Dilated pupils penetrate the page, screaming out in a silent rage. An artful illusion masks the coming of sun… as all things go dark to truth doth become.   poetic prose – tanyajo

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